The first FLEXGAN SSPA has been successfully integrated at the end of April 2021. Test campaign has been begun at the beginning of May, starting for the test of the integrated main subsystems.

The first workshop (EuMW 2020), organized under the framework of FLEXGAN was held virtually on 11st of January 2021. This was a half day workshop entitled “From enabling GaN Technology to high-performing Space-borne SSPAs at millimeter-wave”. An specific talk was dedicated to FLEXGAN SSPA.

A FLEXGAN review meeting with European Commission will take place on 28 July 2020. During the meeting main achievements of the project in the first reporting period (first 18 months) will be reviewed.

An intensive testy campaign of the MMICs designed and developed in FLEXGAN has been finished on July 2020. On-wafer tests and packaged of the MMICs has been successfully finished, being obtained output power higher than 10W and efficiency figures higher than 30% for the FLEXGAN operating bandwidth (17.3-20.2GHz).

On January 14th 2020, a new face-to-face meeting of FLEXGAN project was held in San Sebastián hosted by Tecnalia. The objective of this meeting was to review the status of 5G EM SSPA detailed design and the plan for next deliverables, as well as to define, coordinate and prepare the work to be carried out in the next months of the project.