The aim of FLEXGAN is to design, develop and test a TRL5 SSPA based on GaN EU technology (OMMIC) for 5G application in Ka-band satellites (aiming at covering the 17.3-20.2 GHz frequency band and with an output power of 125 W). Concrete objectives for the project have been defined:


  • Objective 1: Establish specific requirements for the design and development of a GaN based SSPA suitable to operate in satellite networks operating in Ka-band for future 5G connectivity.


  • Objective 2: Design, develop and test an EM SSPA based on non-EU technology. The idea is to have in a first phase a SSPA that could be fully characterised and useful to demonstrate key challenging aspects of the design of an EM SSPA that is fully representative of a FM configuration. In this way as output of objective 2 aspects such as multipaction, corona effects, thermal dissipation, output power flexibility and high efficiency combination at Ka-band will be fully designed and tested in the phase 1 of the project.


  • Objective 3: Design and test a MMIC based on European D01GH GaN technology from OMMIC.


  • Objective 4: Upgrade the EM SSPA (objective 2) using the MMICs from OMMIC (objective 3) and perform environmental tests in order to have at the end of the activity a TRL5 SSPA. All the research findings and results of FLEXGAN that don’t compromise the future exploitation activities will be disseminated and communicated to the scientific and industrial community as well as to the general audience.